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Friday, August 20, 2010

New Items for Sale in our Etsy Shop!

Hey all, this is Jen popping in to let everyone know we've added three items to our fundraising Etsy shop!  We got our bumper stickers today and I must say, they look awesome! 

The three stickers are:  "Make Milk, Not War," "Breastfeeding.  It does a baby good." and "Veni Vidi Vici VBAC" (I successfully had my VBAC in February, so this issue is very near-and-dear to my heart).  I'll put up pictures in the post so everyone can see!  Hurry and buy one!  If you live in the Orlando area, we can arrange to meet somewhere so you can avoid shipping costs...

Have a great day,


  1. Hi Jen. Another idea for a sticker~ I breastfeed because I don't produce enough formula. :)
    Good luck with this project. I nursed all 3 of mine a year+ and I do try to encourage the Mommas that I meet to do the same.

  2. Thanks Katherine! That's a great idea :)

    I might actually print that up and put it on a onesie as well... "My mommy breastfeeds because she doesn't produce enough formula"

    If it wasn't so far from you, I'd say you should come out on 10/9 to the Lake Mary Farmer's Market... but I should be able to see you on the MNO :)

    Take care!!!