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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Garage Sale information!

The time for the garage sale is closing in and we're picking up donations like crazy!  Are you in the Orlando area?  If so, swing on by our Mom/Baby Garage Sale Fundraiser held at Infusion Tea (1600 Edgewater Drive) on September 11th!  From 8 am until 2 pm, we will have a HUGE amount of stuff to sell and all our proceeds will benefit the Orlando Breastfeeding Bag Project.

What kind of stuff will we have?  SO FAR (and we're getting more donations every day), we have:  baby clothing, men's clothing, women's clothing, maternity clothing, child's shoes (including Stride Rites), toys, books, diaper bags, high chairs, pack and plays, cloth diapers...  and that's just the gently used stuff!  We will also have a lot of locally handmade items generously donated by the craft community in Central Florida, including burp cloths, bibs, blankets, bath items, tshirts, nursing necklaces and more.

Oh, and I totally forgot our AWESOME raffles!  Our raffles are going to start on September 11th and the tickets will either be on sale until the end of October OR until we hit double the retail price of the item... buy your tickets early because if we hit double the retail price before the end of the day on September 11th and you waited, you're going to miss out!  So, what kind of stuff are we raffling off?

*A brand new ERGO baby carrier with Heart2Heart insert
*6 SoftBums cloth diapers (with inserts) packaged in sets of two
*Glamourmom Tank
*Milk Nursing Top
*Something from Milkies
*Gift baskets created by local artisans
*Gift certificate to Wee Willie Winks
*Gift Certificate plus diaper cover from EcoDiaperService
*Brand new Moby Wrap

As we're also getting raffle items donated to us on a daily basis, I'm sure we'll be adding to our already hefty list. 

Do you have items you were looking to sell, donate or get rid of?  We'd be happy to pick them up for you -- the only things we're not taking are car seats and breast pumps (due to liability issues)...  We will accept anything else -- especially larger toys like exersaucers or jumpers, infant toys, etc -- just comment here or email us and we will come and pick it up!


  1. do you still have baby clothes for sale? btw i loveee this blog about breastfeeding, im young but i've chose to breastfeed, best decision ever.

  2. Gaby,

    Yes, we absolutely still have baby clothes... BOXES and BOXES, literally! We have some really beautiful items -- most are either brand new or in perfect condition. Shoes, onesies, outfits, pants, socks -- you name it, we have it in sizes from newborn up through 6.

    Please email me at orlandobbp *at* yahoo *dot* com if you're interested in coming over and checking out what we have.