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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wow, what a success!

I wanted to thank everyone who came out on Saturday, 9/11, to help support us during our first fundraiser.  What an absolute success!  We raised well more than our goal, spread the message to the many people who visited us and got our raffles under way.  So, what are we doing now, you ask?

#1:  We're still running our raffles.  Right now we have the following ones ongoing:
  • Free doula service and childbirth education classes (from TLC) -- a $700 value
  • A free two-tier, custom, fondant-covered cake -- a $125 value
  • A Moby Wrap in Pacific Blue -- $40 value
  • An ERGO baby carrier with Heart2Heart infant insert -- $125 value
  • $50 gift certificate to Wee Willie Winks, a local and online baby store, plus a EarthMamaAngelBaby Pregnancy pack -- worth $90 total
  • A gift basket to EcoDiaperService -- $73 value
  • Milk Nursing Top in Coffee, size M -- a $36 value
Please let me know if you're interested in raffle tickets and I will let you know the prices!

#2:  We're looking into Farmer's Markets starting in October, so keep your eyes opened for our tent around the Orlando area!

#3:  We're going to be getting in a couple more fundraisers soon... including some really awesome 27 oz stainless steel water bottlesRight now we're offering an introductory price of only $10!!!  Compare that to Kleen Kanteen ($16) or Sigg ($24), and that's a definite BARGAIN!  We'll also have some reusable tote bags -- great for shopping!

We're also still selling our nursing necklaces, bumper stickers, onesies and blankets to raise funds.  We've managed to purchase many items necessary to create our bags and our next big drive will be to raise $1,000 for the incorporation and 501c3 fees.

So, please, help us out in our goal to raise the $1,000 in incorporation and IRS fees!  Purchase stuff to give as gifts -- water bottles, tote bags, custom onesies, blankets, necklaces, etc...  purchase raffle tickets or just throw $5 into our donations bucket.  Every little bit helps.

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